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Welcome to the CBK

The Association of Certified Bookkeepers (CBK) (ABN 48 379 719 471) is a not for profit association and was established in October 2003 under the Associations Incorporations Act of NSW.

The CBK was established as a Professional Association for bookkeepers who are self employed or working in Public Practice or Commerce as support staff to qualified accountants and business owners.

Many bookkeepers do not want to be accountants - they have their own special interests and needs and up until the CBK was formed in 2003 they did not have a dedicated association to represent these needs.

The CBK was formed to do exactly this. We lobby and liaise with government departments and tertiary institutions and other organisations that may effect members' interest.

We are committed to growth that will benefit our members and the Bookkeeping Profession in Australia. Our goals include advances in training and education (including distance education) for career advancement and skill development, to support and encourage responsible and accurate bookkeeping practices in Australia, to raise awareness of bookkeeping as a profession in Australia, and to offer resources that will assist our members to succeed in an ever changing environment.

The CBK is passionate about the future of the Bookkeeping Profession and believes that one of our most important roles as a Professional Association is to encompass the interests of our members into the everyday functioning of our organisation.

Our role as a Professional Association is to represent our members at every relevant opportunity and we are dedicated to ensuring that we all as professional bookkeepers receive appropriate recognition from our clients, our peers, other professionals, the general community and perhaps most importantly by our own Government Regulators.

The Association of Certified Bookkeepers Inc is an independant Not-For-Profit Association.

The Committee Members are elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting.

The CBK has no connection to any other bookkeeping association in Australia or overseas.